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How do you describe the indescribable? Our wedding. It was just… so, so fun. Three months later and I still can’t quite nail it down. It was perfectly intimate – and perfectly wild. It was the best, thanks in no small part to our friends and family. You’re all the best too.

And speaking of the best, check out our wedding photos by Molly Connor on the Molly Connor Photography Blog  and our wedding video by Trendy Fox Photography below.

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Living for May

May in Indianapolis. The sun comes out of hibernation and the temperatures (and humidity) rise. We begin taking trips to the lake and grilling out. In my childhood, the end of school became magically imminent. Summer becomes reality.

And all those good May feelings are punctuated by Memorial Day weekend: the Indianapolis 500.

Every year my parents host a huge race weekend party. Their college friends and their children–my friends–travel far and wide to attend the Indianapolis 500.  It’s an all around great tradition. This year, with my parents in their downtown condo, many will be staying with me–a passing of the torch, so to speak.

But perhaps the thing I’m most excited about at this moment–the morning after my Pacers took a 2-1 playoff series lead over the big, bad Miami Heat–is the prospect of a race weekend with both racing and basketball.

In my Reggie Miller-era childhood, this was more an expectation than an exception. I’m not quite counting my chickens before they’re hatched, the prospect alone is enough. And now that the city is waking up to their Pacers again, it’s all the more fun.

Racing. Basketball. Indianapolis in May.

I wrote an IndySpectator article that debuted yesterday morning about the history of the race and what it means to the city. Entitled “State of the Race Address.”

In the same vein, I’d like to re-share my IndySpectator about the Pacers from a little over a month ago, entitled “Meet me at the Fieldhouse.” It was written as the Pacers were beginning their final regular season run leading into the playoffs. It seems appropriate to share in light of last night’s display of #GoldSwagger, proving the fans are back, baby!

No, I refuse to stop smiling.

Mystery Roll of Film

I recently developed a mystery roll of film. You know – an unmarked, fully-wound roll of film found at random in one’s home. I found mine in a box of childhood mementos in my basement and anticipated the worst: embarrassing photos from my pre-teen years, a whole roll of overexposed film, etc.

But I did what had to be done. I marched the mystery roll to my nearest photo lab and with much trepidation, laid down a $14 gamble.

An hour later, to my unexpected delight, I found 24 pretty cool photos. Taken back in 2006, I shot these on a trip my mother and I took to New York City during my senior year of high school.

We saw the sights, visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and as illustrated here, attended the U.S. Open. The photos have that undeniable and increasingly-rare film quality. They’re imperfect, grainy, a little overexposed, and I like it.

Mystery rolls are a gamble, but for once, the bet paid off.

Behind the Scenes: “Clean Streets”

Few things in life (thus far) are more fun than seeing your friends do what they love – and do it well.

Almost a year ago, my longtime pal Charlie Mattingly and his friend Charlie Myers and his other friend Adam Geise made this 5-minute short film, “Clean Streets” for the Campus Movie Fest at Indiana University. They had won “Best Comedy” the year before with the “Alphabet”, so the pressure was on…

The whole thing was shot in three days, and I shot these behind-the-scene photos the first night of filming. Clearly, I couldn’t keep up and I think Lieutenant Lorenzo, as a result of some truly dedicated method acting (drinking), barely survived production (you can see it on his face in the last scene).

Now days Charlie works in Los Angeles, living the dream, doing what he loves – and doing it well. Check out “Clean Streets” so when Charlie’s a big star, you can all feel really cool by a vague association, claiming you knew of him before he hit it big. As for me, we went to senior homecoming together, sooooo… I really am really cool.

I Really Graduated!

And they asked me to carry the Journalism School banner, which is a pretty darn cool honor.


A Pair of INTPs

Untitled musings on personality tests as related to my father
By Chrissy Astbury

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Meeting Gay Talese

The following was written on deadline for a Literary Journalism class and describes Gay Talese, literary journalism legend himself, during his brief stop in Bloomington in the fall of 2010.

Gay Talese is on the move
By Chrissy Astbury

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Love for Indy

Indy has been getting a lot of love lately from ArchDaily.com.

First a blog discussing how Indy was named the #1 downtown in America in a top-10 list by Livability.com, then a blog on the new convention center by RATIO Architect (the same guys who did the Indiana State Museum). I always light up when I see Indy get attention of this kind… And it’s deserved, might I add!

This picture is my own – my favorite at the moment.

More on Lee Miller

This Lee Miller thing has progressed as most of my many latent interests do… I bought a book off Amazon (an old library book, my favorite), which I’ve begun reading, and I drew her. Yes, I drew her (and made her neck giraffe-like. Oh well). Anyway, it’s serious. What a cool lady! Highlight of the book thus far is a photo of her bathing in Hitler’s bath – a portrait of the fuhrer to her right, a statue of a nude Aryan to her left, and her dirty combat boots front-and-center.

Now, I just need to figure out this whole surrealist chef thang and get a turducken feast together… I somehow feel turducken is inherently surreal.

To be “Uncouth”

I wrote my first blog for my new internship this morning. It’s a review of Paper Crane’s “Uncouth”  art show that ends this Sunday, Sept. 25. I’m rather proud of the writing, especially since I cranked it out pretty quickly.

DISCLAIMER: the opinions represented – though I agree – belong to Karol, owner of ReFrame, while the words are my own.

Nonetheless, check it out – and go check out the show!